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The Play.

Welcome to Jack's World. A family musical about love, family and self-esteem.


Jack's World



he Storyline

Jack’s World is a children’s musical that present the story of Jack, an elementary schools student who runs away from home to escape the pressures he feels from this parents and siblings. Jack’s running away not only has a crippling effect on his immediate and extended family, but also on his peers and schoolmates, all of whom come to realize Jack is crying out for help. Jack’s family, school and community embark on a city-wide search and Jack is soon reunited with his family. The adults in Jack’s life concentrate on letting him know how special and important he is to their world. Jack shares his story with his classmates as a way of encouraging them to have positive self-esteem and build strong relationships with their families.


he Founder


Jack’s World was founded by composter and producer Monet A. Ledbetter-Glaude. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music. Monet decided to put her talents to use to counter the negative effects of society’s neglect towards our children. In September of 1993 Monet wrote and developed Jack’s World. Jack’s World is a family children’s musical that introduces audiences to the rhythmic lessons of growing up. It uses hip-hop, reggae, calypso, R&B, and gospel music as esteem building tools. Viewers learn tolerance, respect, self-esteem, and appreciation of cultural diversity.


he Audience

Jack’s World is a family show and can be very beneficial to many communities. It offers love, staring and the importance of children and adults valuing each other.

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